Paul R. 

I’ve been inspecting homes for 8 years and it was the best and most thorough cleaning job I have ever seen.

John L. 

The guys with Bio-One Hoarding did an awesome job on my mother's house. She had been collecting things for years and finally she was ready for it to be cleaned. These guys treated her so great.

Karen Z. 

I called these guys when I went to visit my sister and found her living with about 30 cats. They had completely destroyed her house. After they came in and did their cleanup it almost looked like a new house. Could not believe the job they did.

Jerry R.

Very open and honest. The job ended up taking a little longer than the owner had thought. He did not raise his price and stuck to his original estimate though. Would definitely recommend them to others.

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Wendy E.

Hi Tim,

I want to thank you again for the wonderful work that you and your team did with my father’s house. When I first contacted you I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to even begin in dealing with the hoarding situation. You were so kind when we initially spoke and it was such a relief when you were able to meet with me so quickly. 

I must admit, I was very nervous when we met at the house. I had not been inside for over 25 years.You were so understanding and offered to go in alone. With you there I was able to go in and while it was a horrible situation, I knew that you would be able to help. That was such a relief. You immediately took me through the process and thoroughly explained each step. I was so fortunate to find a company and team who could take this burden from me.

I know this project was difficult for you. We had a short timeline and lots of pieces that had to fall into place. Things went just as you had outlined and if there were any major issues I was not aware of them. You took care of everything just as you said you would and you finished ahead of schedule! I still can’t thank you enough.   

The professionalism and caring that all of you showed towards me and my father was amazing. I sensed from our initial meeting that you do this work, in part, as a way to help others. I could see your sense of accomplishment as the project progressed. You take helping to put another’s life back in order to heart. You told me that you and your team liked to work hard and you did! The neighbors even noticed. They made it a point to tell me that they could see how hard everyone worked and they were impressed. 

The personal items that you found and the things that you salvaged are priceless to my family. How you even knew what to look for is beyond my comprehension. You uncovered things that I didn’t even know were in the house. I don’t think my father remembered them either until we started talking about them.

He is doing well and happy to be back in his home. I don’t know how long he will be able to remain there because of his age but for now he is content. It’s where he wants to be and I am glad to be able to help him live this part of his life as he wants to live it. He has you and your team to thank for that as well.

Jerry J.

 I found myself needing some help after I went to my mother’s house following her having a medical emergency and quickly realized why she had done her best to keep family members away from the house over the last year or so. If you are finding yourself in this situation, I need not say more, because you already understand all too well what I found in the house. I called Bio-One and Tim came out and took a look. He was not phased with what he saw and I could sense his compassion and understanding from our first interaction. Where I saw a disaster, Tim saw a job and an opportunity to help. Even though it was a job, I felt that Tim and his whole crew approached the project with respect, understanding and a sense of pride that they were ultimately making life better for my mother and our family. I spent the first day of the job there with Tim and the crew, and although it was a hot, dirty job, I never heard one judgmental statement or complaint from anyone with the company. While not a glamorous job, I was truly impressed with the level of care and professionalism that everyone brought to their work. Each and every person on the crew took the time that first day to look me in the eyes and let me know they understood how hard it can be for a family to find themselves in this situation. There was a list of items I wanted to locate (passport, documents, etc.) and was not able to find the couple times I had looked; The Bio-One crew found everything on my list in the first two hours. I truly thought what they did was amazing and I cannot recommend them enough if you are needing this type of service. They did not use a bulldozer approach, yet with great efficiency took care of business and got the house cleaned up. If you are even thinking about calling Bio-One, do yourself a favor and make the call. I felt the rate was very reasonable for the services provided. I was totally overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning up the house and can attest that this was exactly what I needed and could not be happier with the results!! 

Johm V.

The amount of compassion and understanding Tim had for my hoarding issue can not be overstated. I was very nervous about calling. I had actually called another company and hung up because I had too much anxiety and guilt. 

Tim however, was extremely calm and caring over the phone. He was able to schedule a home visit for a quote, the next day. I understand the amount of embarrassment and courage it can take to let someone into your home, when it is out of control, but this is Tim's job; he has seen far worse situations and doesn't flinch over odor or filth.

I was in a time-crunch, as I was moving in a few days. The estimate was extremely reasonable and he was out with a crew the next day. When I arrived home after work, I was amazed at how my place looked. Everything was cleaned and sanitized, with personal effects and valuables they recovered, set aside. 

I can not stress enough how grateful I am for Tim and his crew!